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Property development by turning unloved and derelict properties  into modern & stylish buildings.


Making property investments profitable and work for you.


Property consultancy for landlords, developers and investors.

In property consulting, empathetic, patient customer service from a dedicated professional consultant, supported by skilled, polished, and motivated office staff, is a prerequisite for success.

Charlie Overend Property Consultants

With many years experience of the UK property market, Charlie Overend Property Consultants can provide you with professional advice and services.

Property Investment

An investment property is a property that generates a return on investment for the person who purchases it.  People can benefit from property investment either with regular rental returns, returns from the future resale of a property that’s grown in value, or both.  Property investment can be a good idea for those who want to generate additional income. A “Buy to let” property investment can bring in an ongoing income in the form of rental returns, along with the potential to gain much larger lump sum returns if the property’s value grows over time and is sold.

Property Consultancy

Do you need some help and advice regarding property? Expert property consultants can help you make the right decision.

Property Development

We specialise in developing commercial property and provide advice on the complete gamut of property development options available for a site, dealing with the complexities of multiple-party interests and site constraints. As professional property development consultants we work closely with landowners and property developers of various sizes.

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